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Cheri Woods has had a rich and varied writing and teaching career. From kindergarteners in Portugal, to English second language learners in Canada, to a variety of elementary students in Hawaii, she has enjoyed the challenges while always feeling like a privileged learner. More recently she taught a literacy class at a women’s correctional facility helping inmates explore poetry and write collaborative novels. She started a writer/writing group, written a children’s story featuring her pets, and collected and edited her father’s love letters during WWII for publication.



'TILL THEN OUR WRITTEN LOVE WILL HAVE TO DO (Aignos 2020) is a compilation of the love letters written by my father to my mother during his deployment in World War II. They began in May, 1944, and span a year, telling of his duties, and impressions of the times. To his letters, I have added a forward, chapter notes and photos.

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Cheri Woods, Author


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